Landmark Software

Every business needs a product with the features and facilities that are specific to their requirements. Landmark is installed in a wide range of organisations because in each one it delivers the facilities required for that specific business. Landmark is found in a number of Australia's largest publicly listed companies as well as many small to medium sized organisations, and is ideal for a distributed application environment.

Is Your Business a little Different?

Unlike a number of accounting system suppliers, we will modify Landmark to suit your specific requirements. As the product was developed in Australia, any modifications are done here, and all software changes are performed under the direct supervision of the original authors of the product. We never sub-contract any product development to third parties, ensuring the quality and consistency of Landmark is preserved for your benefit.

Preserve your Investment

To ensure that you can take advantage of the latest technology and business practices, we offer the Landmark Guarantee Upgrade Program which allows you to take advantage of the new developments and features available in new releases. Even if you have had modifications for your business, the Upgrade Guarantee Program has provision to ensure all modifications are maintained in later revisions, keeping you up-to-date.

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